Bahrain Airport Services
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Company Overview

Bahrain Airport Services (BAS) was founded in 1977 to provide fully integrated airport services at Bahrain International Airport with the highest levels of safety and security. Supported by a human capital of approximately 3000 staff, BAS is an ISAGO accredited Ground Service Provider, which owns and operates six distinct business units. BAS is committed to continuous improvement in service quality, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Vision and Mission

BAS aspires to offer world-class ground handling services to our customers and to provide passengers with a safe and an outstanding traveling experience. BAS invests in its human capital and cultivates team work, trust and fairness, enabling staff to provide excellent services and unique products to all customers.
BAS strives to have a positive impact on the communities we serve by supporting them and participating in their development.

Strategic Objectives
  • Maintain the highest level of safety & security standards by implementing a Safety Management System across all departments
  • Streamline processes and communication to minimize the risk of faults
  • Provide excellent Levels of Service (LoS) to airlines and travelers, based on a customer-centric culture of consistent high quality across all products and services
  • Ensure objective and impartial selection processes of qualified candidates and provide continuous training to empower staff to fulfill all duties
  • Promote rewarding work environment founded on a just culture, equitable treatment, ethics, accountability and competence
  • Achieve effective control, transparency and speed across administrative processes to promote professional excellence
  • Adapt to rapidly changing business climate and identify new viable business opportunities within the framework of our core competencies
  • Evolve and diversify areas of expertise areas as to mitigate commercial risks associated with aviation business seasonality and periodical downturns
  • Supporting the development of different initiatives that will benefit the community we work in and our country