Mr. Salman Saleh Al-Mahmeed

CEO Message

At Bahrain airport service company (BAS), we open the window of hope for the future. Our success over the past 40 years is the testament of our professionalism, quality of services provided and customer satisfaction, which makes us the proud Bahraini flag in the industry.

BAS recognizes the importance of change and innovation as part of the features of aviation industry. Thus we are continuously striving to improving services and training our employees to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We look forwards to our exciting and ambitious future as we are expanding BAS operations in the Arabian Gulf region and Asia Minor.

We pride ourselves on providing services for Bahrain International Airport, the first established airport in the Arabian Gulf region, and ranked 1st Airport in 2017 for outstanding on time performance results. During these 40 years, the company has set itself a strategy of investing in human resources. The company is constantly working on educating and training Bahraini’s competencies, in order to empower them.

In conclusion, we would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to all employees of the Bahrain Airport Services Company (BAS) for their efforts on a daily basis to ensure smooth operations and efficient service delivery at Bahrain International Airport. We also extend our sincere thanks to our loyal customers, to whom we are dedicated.

Salman Saleh Al Mahmeed