The Kingdom of Bahrain’s strategic location and industry protocols lends the Kingdom a unique competitive advantage amongst its neighbouring countries. Bahrain is positioned as the ideal destination to facilitate freight movements, attracting an increased number of passengers and creating a conducive business environment within the industry.

Enhancing Business Environment

As part of the Kingdom’s Economic Vision 2030, Bahrain has emerged as a business-friendly destination, attracting investors through fostering optimal commercial conditions and creating an ideal business ecosystem that empowers companies.

Advancing Connectivity

We have established our communication channels globally by expanding our infrastructure and implementing new technological developments to elevate Bahrain’s global standing. These connectivity channels open up various possibilities for our beneficiaries, allowing them to utilize our logistics services in a convenient manner.

Easy and Liberal Visa Policies

The Kingdom of Bahrain is well known for its warm hospitality and friendliness. These sentiments are clearly reflected in the Kingdom’s policies and regulations for both visitors and sourcing manpower from abroad. A total of 67 countries are eligible to acquire a one-month visa on arrival to the Kingdom, with an option to further extend their visa for 3 months. Nationals of over 116 countries are qualified to apply for an E-Visa.

International Market – High Level Analysis

Using Boeing models, the commercial aviation services market is equipped to assess the world airline fleet. Statistics revealed an estimate on the projected annual growth for a period of 20 years. Passenger traffic is projected to increase by 4.7%, cargo traffic by 4.2% and the world airline fleet by 3.5%.

The data gathered clearly predicts that the global aviation industry is set to expand across the world, including a steady growth in the Middle East, and the Kingdom is strategically prepared to meet these increased demands.

Many of the world’s major airlines have fleets across the region, and understand the importance of improving and elevating ground handling services, recruiting a talented and skilful workforce, adopting technological solutions, MRO support and a robust supply chain, to deliver services that comply with international quality standards.

*Source: Services Market Analysis 2018-2037, Boeing Global Services, USA, 2018