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43 Years of Success

BAS was established at a time when there was a need for an independent ground handling services agent for Bahrain International Airport. When his Royal Highness, Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the Prime Minister gave his blessings to a proposal by the late Yousuf Al Shirawi, Minister of Development & Industry at that time. BAS emerged from ASGUL (Aircraft Services Gulf Limited) owned by Gulf Aviation. It was built through an alliance between Gulf Air and six travel agencies namely, Kanoo Travel, World Travel, Jalal Travel, Dilmun Travel, Al Qusaibi Travel and Bahrain International Travel. Today, after all those years, BAS has secured itself a well-established strategic role in the operations of Bahrain International Airport; the first airport in the GCC region. BAS has established a reputable name as an accredited company, winning international recognitions for its success. Which in turn puts the Kingdom of Bahrain in a position to exhibit its capability of setting the standards for high performance and taking a leading place in the aviation services sector. We take pride that BAS has also managed to become an active contributor to Bahrain’s economy; it attracts international airlines with the high quality services offered at competitive rates, in addition to the magnitude of its local commercial activities and the fact that it creates thousands of jobs to Bahraini nationals.

We appreciate and thank our Wise Leadership for the unlimited support to this national company, the former and current chairpersons and directors of the board, executive managements and all customers and employees, and we will continue to achieve more successes to truly contribute to the desired development of the aviation sector in our beloved Kingdom.


A world-class pioneer in ground handling services, consistently offering increased value to its clients, human capital, shareholders and community.


To provide unparalleled, efficient, reliable ground handling services to airline and cargo clients, and to offer passengers with a safe, exemplary traveling experience, with full adherence to the international aviation industry standards.

Core Values
  • Safety – We value human life and health above all and take the necessary actions to ensure all persons are safe and free from harm and risk.
  • Security – We take the necessary measures to guard the airport, aircrafts and our operations from being in any state of danger.
  • Service Excellence – We believe that each person has an integral role to play in delivering excellent services. Thus, we listen to each other and respond to the needs and expectations.
  • Teamwork – We collaborate with each other to effectively and creatively achieve our goals.
  • Respect – We build our business relationships on mutual respect and we offer respect to each other, our customers, and our community at large.