Future Full of Aspirations

BAS has been providing ground handling services at Bahrain International Airport since 1977. Over the years, the company has strived to develop its services and raise the level of quality to satisfy its customers inside and outside the Kingdom. Coupled with its keenness to providing efficient and safe services to airlines and cargo clients, BAS is eager to create an ideal travel experience for passengers travelling through the first gateway of Bahrain. This is to build a positive regional reputation that reflects the civilized and bright image of the Kingdom of Bahrain. BAS is accredited by several international reputable organizations including EASA, IATA and ISAGO. In addition, BAS now holds several ISO certificates for food safety management, information security, and testing & calibration laboratories. This acknowledges BAS’ commitment to complying with international aviation standards and requirements, and motivates to maintain high performance standards and competitiveness. What distinguishes BAS is its continuous investment in its human capital, that exceeds 3,000 employees and laborers, via various training and development programs. Bahrainization percentage has exceeded 81% of the total number of employees and is above 90% in the managerial level. As part of its future plan, BAS is fully prepared to increase its administrative, technical and operational readiness in response to the demands expected due to the Airport Modernization Project. Just recently, BAS has successfully extended expertise by providing services in two of our neighboring countries’ airports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman.

We thank all those who have trusted and believed in BAS as a renowned name in providing ground handling services, and will strive to contribute in making Bahrain International Airport a role model followed by others.

Eng. Mohamed Khalil Ahmed
Chief Executive Officer