BAS starts of the second phase of the Air Cargo Facility Renovation Nabeel Kanoo: At Bahrain International Airport, we seek to provide a distinguished customer experience in partnership with customs

In an effort to provide the best solutions to enhance customer experience and apprise the system of services provided to customs visitors of the air cargo facility, and to contribute to the successful customs practices in this field, BAS has collaborated with the Ministry of Interior, represented by Customs Affairs at Bahrain International Airport, to implement a project to revamp the customs clearance services center, in order to provide a unique and distinguished customer experience.

The center includes eight podiums that provide all customs clearance to visitors, in addition to administrative facilities and shared services for some relevant government entities, including the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Municipalities and Agriculture, the Supreme Council for the Environment, National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA), with a capacity of 500 square meters.

The center also provides all customs clearance services, allowing visitors to initiate their transactions through the e-government portal and complete them at the customs clearance services center.  Among the most important of these services are the preparation of customs declarations for import and export, payment of customs duties, and inspection and verification of goods.

On this occasion, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of BAS, Mr. Nabeel Khalid Kanoo, stated: ” We conducted this project to establish a distinctive customer experience that represents the collaboration between BAS and Customs Affairs at Bahrain International Airport, and to solidify the position to fulfill current demands and line with our future objectives. We did this out of our keen desire to realize the national objectives and plans for the growth of the logistics services industry.”

BAS aims to offer top-notch products and services through this initiative that support the implementation of efficient shipping and clearing procedures. Customs Affairs Colonel Rashid Al-Baker expressed his gratitude for the successful collaboration between Customs Affairs and Bahrain Airport Services BAS in revamping the customs clearance services center. He also confirmed that the project to update the center is in line with the goals of the wise leadership to establish customs service centers in the Kingdom and the vision of the Ministry of the Interior to increase the operational effectiveness of customer service platforms by streamlining processes.

It is worth mentioning that BAS has completed the project to update the cooling units in the air cargo facility last month, in implementation of the customs cooperation agreement between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, which included the addition of specialized cooling units and expanding the storage of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and enhance the facility’s capabilities to become an accredited option for the passage of goods between the two sister countries.