AMANA Whistle Blowing

Bahrain Airport Services is committed to adhere to the highest standards of good governance, openness, transparency, honesty, integrity, accountability and ethical, moral & legal conduct of business operations. BAS requires the active support of all employees, who are required to report incidents of suspected misconduct, fraud, corruption, collusion and coercion, and other serious infringements as this would protect the integrity and reputation of Bahrain Airport Services.

Whistle blowing policies are generally intended to make it easier for employees to be able to report irregularities in good faith, without having to fear that their action may have adverse consequences.

This policy applies to all Board Members, officers, managers and employees of the Company. It is also intended to provide a method for other stakeholders (suppliers, customers, shareholders etc.) to voice their concerns regarding business conduct. To aid in its efforts of communicating this policy, the name “Amana” will be used to instill a culture of bestowing trust in the organization, thus encouraging employees to report misbehavior, misconduct or wrong doing by any employee in the organization or outside the organization.

The current options available are the following:

· Send an email to Amana email address
· Send by post to Amana P.O. Box 22116.

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