As part of its continued agreement with the Bahrain Down Syndrome Society BAS Reiterates its Commitment towards Boosting Community Integration

Bahrain Airport Services (BAS) hosted a visit to the Bahrain Down Syndrome Society to launch the Check-in Simulator stand, as part of its continued agreement to support the society and its members by boosting community integration through employment of staff with special needs.

The visit took place on Monday 21st November 2022, in the presence of Mr. Nabeel Kanoo, Chairman of BAS, Eng. Mohamed Khalil, CEO of BAS, as well as Mr. Ahmed Al Ali, Down Syndrome Care Centre Director, along with other members from both entities.

As part of the company’s agreement with the Bahrain Down Syndrome Society, a check-in counter stand has been placed within the organization to act as a training simulator for employees with special needs. Employed staff will undergo the required training and skill development program to be able to successfully transition into a Customer Care Agent. The special needs employee will have to complete three months of training within the check-in simulator. Once the employee has successfully completed their training, they will then be able to carry out tasks on-ground at the Bahrain International Airport. The special needs employees will be supervised by a special on-site trainer to manage all activities.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Nabeel Kanoo, Chairman of BAS, said: “This CSR initiative reiterates our committed efforts to train Bahrainis through specialized training programs, as well as creating further job opportunities for various segments of society, which includes the down syndrome community.” He added: “We believe that this initiative will help achieve community integration, as well as develop the professional and social skills of members of the Down Syndrome Society by interacting with their new colleagues and customers.”

For his part, Down Syndrome Care Centre Director, Mr. Ahmed Al Ali, said: “We are delighted to see a reputable company such as BAS supporting the Down Syndrome Society and providing employment and training opportunities allowing people with down syndrome to be integrated within the Bahraini community. Through this simulator, selected members of the society will be provided with the necessary skills required to kick-start their employment journey within the aviation sector.”