Recognizing its Role in Bridging the Skill Gap in Aviation BAS Continues to Invest in Bahraini Youth through its Internship Program (SAMA)

The Executive Team

Bahrain Airport Services (BAS), a leading player in the aviation industry, continues to further enhance its internship program (SAMA); a ground-breaking initiative to bolster the local workforce’s skill development within the aviation industry in Bahrain.

Strategic partnerships have been formed with numerous universities, technical educational centers, and training institutions to design and deliver SAMA, targeting Bahraini youth who are passionate about the ground handling services and the aviation industry in general. BAS has collaborated with University of Bahrain, Bahrain Polytechnic, Ahlia University, University of Technology Bahrain, Nasser Vocational Training Center, Ministry of Labor and Almabarrah Alkhalifia, to train more than 100 members in 2023. Those organizations have taken a part in the design and delivery of the program along with the Learning & Development Center of BAS where technical, vocational, aviation related training programs are designed and delivered by experts in the field.

In response to the limited supply of talent in the industry, BAS is dedicated to equipping Bahraini youth with the necessary skills to become the first choice in meeting the industry’s demands and requirements. This strategic move not only contributes to the growth of the aviation industry but also holds the potential to significantly boost the reliance on the local workforce and help cement the efforts of the country to nationalize the aviation industry.

The global aviation industry has been facing a persistent challenge in sourcing skilled talent to meet the growing demands for specialized workforce. Bahrain, being a key player in the Gulf region’s aviation landscape, recognizes the critical need to address this shortage. BAS, with its commitment to excellence, innovation, and national development, has taken proactive steps to bridge this gap.

By collaborating with local educational and training institutions, BAS is set to revolutionize the aviation training landscape in Bahrain. The company is investing in the training and upskilling of Bahraini youth to equip them with specialized knowledge and experience that the aviation industry demands. The initiative encompasses a wide spectrum of areas, including ground operations, terminal and passenger services, cargo, catering, aviation technology, maintenance, procurement and logistics, ground service equipment workshop, to name few. A structured coaching and mentoring element is also added and led by BAS’s professional and experienced teams, to further help the carefully selected passionate young aviation professionals shape their future career.

Commenting on SAMA, Mrs. Hana Abdulwahed Ali, Vice President Human Capital, said: “At BAS, we are committed to providing a variety of learning opportunities that have been meticulously planned and designed to sharpen the competencies of Bahraini future aviation leaders. We are keen on playing an instrumental role in building the local aviation workforce by encouraging the youth, providing real life learning opportunities and empowering them with the necessary knowledge and experience to effectively help them pursue their career goals.” She added: “we are exceptionally proud to announce that we have recently partnered with Kheberat National Program to provide learning opportunities to local graduates too.”

Aligned with BAS’s corporate social responsibility program, the positive impact of this initiative extends beyond increasing employability and individual career growth. A stronger local aviation workforce directly translates into a more robust and competitive aviation industry. As Bahraini employees become the preferred choice for aviation roles, the country’s economy stands to gain substantially. The initiative aligns seamlessly with Bahrain’s broader economic diversification goals, positioning the nation as a hub of aviation expertise in the region.

Since the launch of SAMA five years ago, in 2018. Over 700 interns joined the program to date. BAS is proud to have hired 34% of the interns in various departments within the company and supplied the local market with trained individuals. It is worth noting that BAS was recognized by the Ministry of Labor as the top employer in Bahrain with the highest employment rate in Q1 and Q2 in 2023.