Aircraft Loading Supervision Training (ALS)


4 Days

  • Person who is directly involved with the supervisory function or who is entering into the supervisory cadre in loading and unloading activities of the aircraft.
  • Individual whose duties involve the ramp activities as ramp leader or supervisor.
Course Objectives

On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the various terminology and operational codes
  • Understand the aircraft structure and the loading limitation
  • Handle loads that will require special care
  • To identify the salient feature and safety limitations of ULDs
  • Understand the manual handling procedure of heavy load
  • Understand the Principles of aircraft loading
  • Read standard loading messages and Loading Instruction document
  • Identify damaged in-plane loading restrain system
  • Know the safety procedures while positioning service equipment’s to the aircraft
  • Understand the various special loads
  • Complete the notification to pilot-in-command
  • Perform the opening and closing of aircraft hold doors
  • Follow the ramp safety procedures during aircraft handling
Course Contents
  • Introduction
  • Course Objective
  • Terminology & Abbreviations
  • Operational codes
  • Aircraft weight and balance principles
  • Aircraft structural load limitations
  • Cargo hold restraints systems
  • Missing restraints limitation
  • ULD – Unit Load Devices
  • ULD serviceability
  • ULD/Bulk tie down limitations and rules
  • Tagging of ULD
  • Physical loading rules
  • Aircraft Ground Stability- Tipping
  • Loading Instructions Report (LIR)
  • Load Categories
  • Load messages
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Special Loads
  • Operation of aircraft cargo door
  • Aircraft Ground Damage prevention
  • Aircraft Incident and Accident, Damage report
  • Service Delivery Standards
  • Aircraft Loading Supervisor job responsibilities
  • Aircraft Loading Check list
  • IATA city and carrier codes