Aircraft Turnaround Coordinator


3 Days

  • Any person who are expected to manage and oversee aircraft turnaround activities.
  • Individual’s whose duties involve the ramp activities, ramp leader, supervisory. Load controller.
Course Objectives

On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Develop and interpret a turnaround plan
  • Understand the challenges of turnaround coordination
  • Manage the full turnaround of aircraft, coordinating resources and processes
  • Understand the various terminologies and its significance
  • Understand and apply the ramp safety regulations
  • Understand the basis of load control
  • Interpret the various pre and post flight messages
  • Allocate delay reason codes as applicable
  • Value teamwork, communication and culture
Course Contents
  • Introduction
  • Course objectives
  • Airside and Ramp Safety regulations
  • Aircraft Turnaround coordinator responsibilities and policy
  • Airside safety supervision and risk assessment
  • Ramp Hazards
  • Human Factor
  • Personal Injuries and Protection
  • Aircraft Handling Operations
  • Aircraft Movement Messages
  • Aircraft loading functions
  • Load control functions
  • Standard weight for passenger and baggage
  • Load control documentation
  • Aircraft structural loading limitation
  • Disruptions and difficult working conditions
  • Turnround Plan
  • Service Level Agreements – SLA
  • List of Ground Handling Activities in Turnround plan
  • Terms and Definition
  • Delay codes in aircraft movement messages
  • Airside Safety Supervision performance check list
  • Passenger Boarding Bridge