Aircraft Weight & Balance


5 Days


Dispatchers, Load Controller and Ramp Handler staff

Course Objectives
  • To understand the basic principles of aircraft Weight and Balance
  • Become familiar with the various terms used in the field
  • Understand and identify the various weights used in the compilation of a load sheet
  • Construct indexes and understand their use
  • Become familiar with the design of trim charts
  • Be able to fully prepare various load documents
  • List the two most important factors to consider when planning the loading of an aircraft.
  • Be able to understand the aircraft weight limit during preparing load sheet.
  • Be able to define the center of gravity of the aircraft.
  • Be familiar with the type of aircrafts –narrow bodied & wide bodied.
  • Be able to apply L.M.C procedures in load sheet.
Course Contents
  • Course objective
  • Course introduction
  • Definition and Responsibilities of LC
  • Principle of Flight
  • Trim Determination
  • Principle Center of Gravity
  • MAC safe range
  • Weight Control & Quick weight combinations reference table
  • Traffic Load
  • Regulated Take-off Weight
  • Standard Weight
  • Loading Instruction Report
  • A320 – Aircraft Weight and CG Data
  • Loading Instruction / Report A321
  • Load Categories
  • Load Documentation
  • Definition Of Load Sheet Terms
  • Description of EDP Load Sheet
  • Acars Load Sheet and Term Sheet
  • Provisional Load Sheet
  • Description Of Acars Load Sheet
  • Last Minute Change (LMC) Procedure
  • Load Message
  • A330 – Aircraft Weight and CG Data