English Language Skills – Level 3.3 & Level 4.1

Level 3.3


Students will learn the past continuous, past perfect and 1st and 2nd conditionals. They will learn to use modal verbs for ability, permission, advice, offers and possibilities.

  • Passives
  • Second conditional
  • Might
  • Present perfect continuous
  • Present perfect simple vs. continuous
  • Past perfect
  • Reported statements
  • Write a book review
  • Writing letters
  • Expressions used in different letters

Level 4.1


Students will ask and answer questions using auxiliary verbs. Compare the present tenses, the past tenses and perfect tenses. They will learn phrases used for comparing. They will talk about life events and describe positive and negative characteristics.

  • Present simple / continuous
  • Past simple / continuous
  • Used to
  • Comparatives and superlatives
  • Present perfect simple / continuous
  • Writing e-mails
  • Booking flights
  • Writing C.V.
  • How to keep notes
  • Dictionary use