English Language Skills – Level 4.2 & Level 4.3

Level 4.2


Students will learn future forms, extreme adjectives. They will cover vocabulary to describe social behaviour and how machines work. They will also cover requests and relative clauses.

  • Future Clauses with if, when etc…
  • Adjectives ending in ed / ing
  • The passive
  • Will for offers and instant decisions
  • Making generalizations
  • Quantifiers
  • Write a covering letter
  • A formal telephone call
  • Write a consumer review

Level 4.3


In this level students will look at society and change. They will review different types of stories and look at problems and their solutions. They will also cover the past perfect and reported speech.

  • Making predictions
  • Hypothetical possibilities with if
  • Past perfect
  • Reported speech
  • Obligations and permission
  • Past modals
  • Imaginary situations in the past
  • Writing a narrative
  • Proof reading written work