English Language Skills – Writing Skills I & Writing Skills II

Writing Skills I


During the course students will review basic punctuation. They will look at and expand their conjunctions and they will upgrade their adjectives and nouns. They will be given guidelines, frames and examples of how to recount an incident. They will cover the fundamentals in basic business letter writing.

  • Basic punctuation
  • Nouns and adjectives
  • Connection words
  • Reporting
  • Letter writing

Writing Skills II


During the course the student will cover general writing principles. The emphasis is on keeping the language clear, simple and to the point.

  • The writing process
  • Structure
  • Effective writing
  • Passive & active
  • Sentences & paragraphs
  • Simplifying words
  • Jargon & clichés
  • Be specific
  • Sentences length
  • Editing
  • Be accurate
  • Apostrophes
  • The colon
  • The dash
  • Punctuation