Safety Pushback Operations


2 Days


All ramp, baggage, engineering staff

Course Objectives

After thorough study and use of the training workbook, you will able to:

  • Understand the safety rules and airside regulations.
  • Be familiar with the aircraft Pushback / Towing procedure.
  • Understand the way of communication with the aircraft.
  • Maintain the safe distances during refueling or engine starting.
  • Improve their knowledge and skills of pushback during emergency situations and weather conditions.
  • Understand and implement the safety precaution during equipment connecting and disconnecting to the A/C and the used of steering lockout pins.
Course Contents
  • Introduction and course objective
  • Terminology
  • Safety
  • Airside rules and regulations
  • Safety during Fueling/Defueling
  • Safety Flash – GSE Maintenance, Serviceability and Monitoring
  • Aircraft Handling Procedures
  • Safety Flash – Aircraft Chocking, Removing Chocks & Aircraft Parking Brakes
  • Fuel Hydrant Installation
  • Towbar
  • Aircraft Pushback Tag
  • Conventional
  • Towbarless
  • LEKTRO Aircraft Tug
  • Battery Charging Procedure
  • Driving Procedures
  • General Safety Rules Summary
  • Operator pre-use safety check
  • Ramp Operation Alert
  • Aircraft Towing Procedures
  • Towing/Pushback Requirements
  • Emergency Stop
  • Pushback operation
  • Aircraft Ground Communication
  • Aircraft Departure Hand Signals
  • Aircraft Ground\power Hand signals connecting and disconnecting
  • Pushback Hand Signals