Logistics and General Services (LGS)

BAS’s Logistics & General Services Department is tasked with providing procurement solutions for all products and services required by various departments, with the exception of food items. The Department ensures that the company avails the best-in-class services and products at competitive rates.

Adhering to the highest governance standards, the department maintains a list of local and overseas suppliers and strictly follows procurement methods for tendering and requesting quotations. The company follows applicable policies and procedures ensuring fair opportunities are extended to all.

To ensure and maintain quality standards, BAS currently owns and operates 554 motorized equipment and 1,000 non-motorized equipment, exceeding a purchase value of over BHD 17 million.

The department also ensures the maintenance and renewal of existing agreements with all of BAS’s partners. Moreover, it maintains and performs an annual asset verification for all equipment. The LGS department processes 4.5 orders annually with an approximate average value of 3.9 million.