CEO of Nasser Vocational Training Center (NVTC) Meets with CEO of Bahrain Airport Services (BAS)

Dr. Abdullah bin Nasser Al Nuaimi, the Executive CEO of Nasser Vocational Training Center (NVTC), met with Engineer Mohammed Khalil, the CEO of Bahrain Airport Services (BAS), as part of a partnership between the two institutions regarding the harnessing of artificial intelligence capabilities provided at Sheikh Nasser Center for AI Research and Development, the research and development arm of NVTC. The meeting aimed to explore the utilization of these capabilities in the aviation and logistics sectors and discuss training programs for national cadres offered at the center.

The collaboration between NVTC and BAS is considered a qualitative initiative to enhance the passenger experience by incorporating artificial intelligence systems and advanced training programs into the airport’s service system. These initiatives contribute to making it a smart and sustainable airport.


The delegation from Bahrain Airport Services was also briefed on the training programs offered by the Institutional Partnerships Department at the center, which target national cadres in various sectors. The delegation learned about the center’s efforts to align the needs of the labor market with the training programs designed in collaboration with institutions providing internationally accredited professional certifications in the United Kingdom. These programs include a variety of professional fields, especially those that meet the training needs of the aviation services sector, such as hospitality, customer services, occupational health and safety, and business management, among others, to enhance the training needs and skills of national cadres.

Dr. Abdullah bin Nasser Al Nuaimi stated that NVTC, with its various departments, is committed to utilizing all available resources to undertake integrated projects for various public and

Private sector institutions in the Kingdom. The center aims to make these institutions leaders in automating various operations by harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence in the aviation and logistics sectors. This will contribute to redefining global travel and tourism and transforming airports into “smart airports” that employ machine learning, predictive technologies, and sensing to enhance the efficiency of services and the passenger experience.

Dr. Al Nuaimi added that the solutions provided at Sheikh Nasser Center for AI Research and Development will include the use of machine learning and deep learning technologies in airport provisioning, such as real-time food quality monitoring, automation of filtration equipment, and meal calculation using computer vision supported by artificial intelligence. These AI solutions will also cover airport operations, such as real-time vehicle tracking (RFID) and a standardized digital system for aviation operations. Additionally, they will include a conversational robot that will play a significant role in customer services.

On his part, Engineer Mohammed Khalil, the CEO of BAS, clarified that this visit aimed to understand the essential services provided by the center to trainees and to learn about the efforts of both teams in light of the agreement signed last year. Through this collaboration between BAS and NVTC, they look forward to opening new horizons for joint research programs and innovative initiatives that contribute to achieving sustainable growth in Bahrain’s national economy.

It is worth mentioning that NVTC and Bahrain Airport Services are working to enable BAS to benefit from the training and development services provided at the center. This involves studying the training needs of the company by the Institutional Partnerships Department at the center and working towards unified goals and visions to enhance and enable the roles of both institutions in the fields of innovation and artificial intelligence.