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Mr. Msallam El Nabulsi
Senior Vice President Catering
+973 17 321 520
+973 39 977 601

We provide catering services to
31 airlines

We prepare over
8.7 million meals per year

Our state of the art catering facility
spans 11,000 square meters

Our catering facilities operate from an area of 11,000 square meters, inside the boundaries of the Bahrain International Airport. An estimated 6.5 million meals are served annually, with an additional capacity to increase the number when required.

BAS Catering is HACCP and ISO 22000 certified. The highest international food standards are adhered to and maintained at all times when preparing fresh in-flight meals. Moreover, BAS’s Hygiene Laboratory carries out systematic microbiological tests on all catering facilities, equipment and prepared meals.

BAS caters to most international airlines flying through Bahrain International Airport as well as private and VVIP flights on a 24/7 basis. In addition, BAS Catering provides in-flight catering to the Sakhir Air Base and the Shaikh Isa Air Base

In-Flight Catering

BAS Catering has established a positive reputation for providing quality services at highly competitive prices. All working areas are air-conditioned, including a dedicated fleet of 30 refrigerated high-loader transport units that ensure a seamless delivery of fresh meals to aircrafts and back-up generators. Moreover, there is a constant supply of ionically purified water and dry compactors for recycling, ensuring that BAS maintains and meets the highest quality standards.

Terminal Catering

BAS provides catering services to the Pearl Lounge for Hala Bahrain, as well as the Gulf Air Falcon Lounge.

External Catering

We are proud to provide External Catering with five-star quality standards. Equipped with all the necessary resources, BAS provides corporate, institutional, health-care, and industrial catering services. We also cater to corporate events and business luncheons.

We have built an impressive reputation within the healthcare sector, providing high quality, fully-integrated catering services. We currently serve one of Bahrain’s top hospitals.

Outdoor catering
Dial +973 17 321 503 / 504 / 505
to speak to our Catering Officer

Awards and Accreditations

Award for Excellence, Partners in Excellence,
Gold Award, Quality & Services Excellence
Excellence in Service & Safety

Caterers Performance Recognition
Programme (CPRP), Hygiene Awards,
Certificate of Appreciation

DIS 123 Performance
Tier 2

Award of Excellence

Certificate of Appreciation

Mercury Award

International Readership Award

HACCP Certified

ISO 22000 Certified