Ground Operations

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Mr. Tony Smith
Senior Vice President Ground Operations and Terminal Services

+973 17138284

We help around 7 million
passengers every year

We employ more than 2,000 staff
in Kingdom of Bahrain

We provide ground operations to
over 42,000 flights per year

We handle more than
9.5 million baggage items per year

Terminal Services

At landside ground operations, we create a memorable and ideal traveling experience for all passengers commuting via the Bahrain International Airport. BAS has introduced an array of services to enhance each passenger’s experience, while ensuring their comfort and peace of mind.

The experience begins the minute a passenger enters the Bahrain International Airport. We offer our travellers:

  • Full passenger handling services;
  • Airline representation services;
  • Special services for customers with additional needs;
  • Baggage services;
  • Mishandled baggage (lost & found); and
  • Forged visa & passport detection team.

In addition, the Terminal Services department monitors operational requirements for both the front-line and the administrative departments. It introduces procedures for greater efficiency and fully integrates BMA and customer services into a seamless operating system.


Traffic Services

Traffic services are the backbone of BAS’s airside services. We monitor and oversee all airside operations, including full aircraft ramp handling, VIP FBO handling, load control and dispatch, baggage handling, unit load device storage and management, pushback, towing and headset services, and full ground support for equipment handling.

The role of the Traffic Services Department also includes operational services, such as crew briefing and administration, as well as the operation of a fleet of air-conditioned buses for crew transport.

Manpower planning and the management of the operation control center (OCC) are two main functions that pay tribute to our successfully delivered services.

We lend our support to the motor transport services, GSE workshop, and line maintenance; maintaining high standards and operating with 24/7 readiness.

With an array of responsibilities, we have taken the initiative to inspect and internally audit these operations on a monthly basis. Furthermore, Airline auditing is conducted annually and all reports are presented to the BAS management for evaluation. We operate around the clock, handling over 2,500 monthly operational activities at Bahrain International Airport.

  • Load Control & Dispatch
  • Full aircraft ramp handling (loading/unloading, PBBs, etc.)
  • VIP handling
  • Baggage Handling
  • ULD Unit Load Device storage and management
  • Pushback, Towing and Headset
  • Full GSE support: PCA, ACU, GPU, Air-Starters, boarding steps etc.

Over 700 motorized vehicles are owned and operated by BAS to serve our airlines. Comprehensive maintenance programs and overhauls for all BAS Ground Support Equipment (GSE) fleet, as well as for other organizations ground equipment, are carried out by the maintenance workshop which is responsible for the repair, preventative and scheduled maintenance of all ground support equipment at the airport.

This section provides a fleet of air-conditioned buses for transporting our passengers and airlines crew on a 24/7 basis. Additionally the section provides transportation for numerous other operational functions.