Bahrain Airport Services Appoints a New CEO


Bahrain Airport Services announced the appointment of Eng. Mohamed Khalil Ahmed as the new CEO for the company, who will commence his duties right after Eid al-Fitr. The new CEO is primarily mandated with executing a very ambitious strategy, leading the company in this difficult time, strengthening its service offerings and positioning BAS on the regional aviation map. Commenting, Mr. Jalal Mohamed Jalal, the chairman of the board of directors at BAS said, “the appointment of Eng.

Mohammed is a prime manifestation of how much we believe that the Bahraini cadre is capable of managing a company with a 43-year track record of service. Selecting a Bahraini national to lead this key aviation-sector contributor comes due to his rich,

diversified experience and unique skillset that made him standout among other local and international candidates. We believe that his extensive experience in the aviation and business sectors will contribute significantly to the development of the company’s business by implementing an ambitious strategic plan and achieving the objectives set not only for BAS but to enhance Bahrain’s position and leading role in the aviation industry regionally”.

He added “This appointment coincides with the opening of the new passenger terminal and the real challenge this brings to raise the quality of work and services. BAS is keen to providing high quality services that are commensurate with the reputation of the Kingdom of Bahrain as an aviation hub in the region, and conforms to the aspirations of the Wise Leadership of the country.

We welcome Eng. Mohamed to our team and look forward to a new era of achievements, positive relationships with airlines and customers, and fruitful partnerships with aviation players to further flourish the aviation sector in Bahrain.”