BAS Aircraft Engineering Training Centre Opens Admissions for 2022 Aircraft Engineering Courses

محمد خليل

BAS Aircraft Engineering Training Centre (BAETC) announced that it has begun the enrolment process for its Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License for the next academic year. Admission for 2022 and 2023 intakes are officially open for high school graduates and students above the age of 16, with a deadline set for the end of August.

With almost two decades in the industry, BAETC has an extensive history in training future aircraft engineers. Applicants seeking to enrol in BAETC’s EASA Part 66 B1/B2 License programme, must pass an admissions interview and test, as well as be medically fit to work in the field. BAETC provides partial scholarships to all applicants ranging from 10% to 25%, including scholarships for international applicants not situated in the Kingdom.

Training will be conducted at BAETC training centre with a range of theoretical and practical modules encompassing mathematics, physics, aeroplane aerodynamics, maintenance practices and more. The Training Centre also offers aircraft type training courses, specialised courses, and a conversion course.

Commenting on the occasion, BAS CEO, Mr. Mohamed Khalil, said: “BAETC continues to shape future aircraft engineers through a variety of specialised courses and our 4-year training programme. We are committed to developing our cutting-edge programmes in line with the evolving needs of the aviation industry, as we work to hone the skills of our students and provide them with opportunities to engage in lifelong learning and development.”

BAS Aircraft Engineering Training Centre (BAETC), is an internationally recognized and technologically advanced provider of formal aircraft engineering maintenance training. BAETC is the second training organization outside the European Union and the first in the Middle East and Asia to have received Europe Aviation Safety Agency Approval for its training Centre (EASA.147.0002) to deliver EASA Part 66 B1 and B2 categories training, Aircraft Type Ratings on Airbus A320 Family/A330 and specialized custom-made courses. Furthermore, BAETC is recognized by the Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA).

Applicants can register through the BAETC website, call 17321785 or apply directly via email at