Aircraft Engineering

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Saeed Saif Al-Ghafri
Manager of Line Maintenance

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CRS Engineering

CRS Engineering is an Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) providing line maintenance activities as per the approval granted by EASA Part 145 and other regulatory authorities.

The Department issues release certificates for operators, ensuring that they all comply with the service standards set in place while also assessing the airworthiness of the aircrafts.

Trouble shooting, defects rectification, component replacement, repairs and scheduled maintenance checks are the main responsibilities of the CRS Engineering Department.

All maintenance data originating from the operators is controlled by the Technical Librarian and stored Online. Furthermore, a monthly 24-hour chart is prepared by the designated team leader indicating all flights as per STA/STD. The chart is utilized to plan and assign on-site certified personnel to any technical requirements and coverage of the aircrafts.

Line Maintenance

The Line Maintenance Department is composed of a highly skilled team of qualified mechanics, certified staff, shift leaders, a technical librarian, store supervisor, head of line maintenance, and a Line Maintenance Manager who all work hand-in-hand to comply with EASA and other Regulatory standards. The basic criteria for a qualified mechanic are:

  • Possessing knowledge pertaining to technical aviation; for example, having a licence in aviation or a basic training course
  • Minimum of 1 year in the aviation maintenance sector
  • Trained in Electrical wiring interconnection system training, fuel tank safety and MOE procedures

The minimum criteria for certified staff are:

  • Valid EASA Part 66 or National License with relevant aircraft Type endorsed
  • Certificate of recognition issued by EASA Part 147 or any approved training organization either in aircrafts or engines
  • EWIS, FTS and HF training
  • Log book Experience
  • Respective operator’s procedures training
  • SUP & ETOPS Training
  • BAS/MOE procedure training
  • EASA 145 and SMS Training
  • Competency Assessment & Authorization Board completion

The department ensures that all certified staff are available around the clock to efficiently and successfully handle any emergency situations that may arise.