Facility Management

Facility Management


BAS owns, operates and maintains almost 600 units of Ground Service Equipment (GSE) to cater to the various requirements of aircrafts. There are currently two types of aircraft that land at the Bahrain International Airport: Wide Body Aircrafts (A380, B787, etc.) and Narrow Body Aircrafts (A320, A320neo, etc.). A total of 18 aircrafts land on the ramps on a daily basis.

To ensure that equipment is maintained and inspected efficiently, the GSE workshop employs over 50 trained and highly skilled technicians who specialize in all types of equipment maintenance.

Property Maintenance

Property and facilities management plays a crucial role in running the Property Maintenance Department. Regular inspections and maintenance of all facilities and equipment is a pivotal factor to ensure smooth running of BAS operations.

The department is led by highly trained and skilled personnel, with a focus on maintaining the Inflight Catering Facility and the newly established Industrial Kitchen located in Hidd. Third party contractors are affiliated with the department to maintain high-risk systems, such as the fire alarm and fire-fighting systems.


The Projects & Facility Management Department oversees the management of various development projects both within and outside BAS. Supported by consultants and contractors, a skilled team works on large-scale projects spanning the strategic, commercial, industrial, and services sectors to compliment BAS’s vision of further expanding and diversifying business opportunities, generating revenue streams to further boost the Kingdom’s economy.