Civil Aviation Affairs (CAA)

The Civil Aviation Affairs (CAA) is responsible for developing and regulating the Kingdom of Bahrain’s aviation industry.

The Civil Aviation Affairs Authority operates in the Kingdom of Bahrain, issuing mandates pertaining to air transportation and navigation, airworthiness, and other technical directives applicable to all aircrafts flying into and out of Bahrain. The Authority sets aviation laws and regulations to ensure the implementation of these mandatory directives. It also issues licenses, permits and certifications for aircraft registration, personnel licenses, aircraft operations and airline schedules. Furthermore, it provides meteorological services such as forecasts and weather reports.

The Civil Aviation Affairs is comprised of the following

  • Aeronautical licensing
  • Air navigation systems
  • Air traffic management
  • Air transport
  • Aviation safety and security
  • Meteorology

Bahrain Airport Company (BAC)

Bahrain Airport Company (BAC), is the operating and managing body of Bahrain International Airport (BIA). BAC began running its operations at the Bahrain International Airport in 2010.

BAC’s main objective is to create a safe, seamless and enjoyable travel experience. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, BAC excels in positioning BIA as one of the best airports in the world.

Attracting new airlines, delivering commendable passenger services and employing a professional workforce are some of the Company’s many key focal points.