Airport Security Awareness Program for Airport Pass IssuanceSurface Transport & Logistics


1 Day


All persons requiring an Airport Pass

Course Objectives
  • Understand the basic structure of the Organization and the Legal Background
  • Know the principles of the company and the Airport Pass and the different Airport Zones & Challenge People the Correct Way
  • Differentiate between Safety and Security
  • Identify the terms “threat”, “vulnerability” and “risk” within the context of security
  • Describe the threat against civil aviation security
  • Understand the concepts underlying industry countermeasures
  • Define and Identify the different Prohibited Articles depending on their Location
  • Identify components of Weapons and Explosives/IED & IID
  • Know how to respond on Emergency Situations
  • Know your Duties and Responsibilities with regards to AVSEC
Course Contents
  • General Introduction and Course Administration
  • Role of International Organizations and Legal Framework of AVSEC
  • Definition of Aviation Security
  • Difference between Safety and Security
  • Acts of Unlawful Interference
  • Threats and Risks to Civil Aviation
  • Past Incidents and How AVSEC evolved
  • Layers of Security
  • Access Control
  • Challenging Techniques / Reporting
  • Prohibited Articles
  • Recognition of the Component parts of IED/IID
  • Method of Concealment
  • Emergency Situations
  • Bomb Threats
  • Un-attended Bag
  • Discovery of Suspect IED
  • Duties and Responsibilities of Persons Employed in the Industry