Cargo Skills and Procedure – Level 1


5 Days

  • Cargo operations and ground handling staff
  • Station Mangers
  • Shippers, cargo agents, consolidators, freight forwarders, and other agencies involved in the transport of cargo
  • Instructional designers and instructors responsible for cargo training
Course Objectives
  • Refer & use the TACT Rules & Rates Manuals
  • Calculate the transportation time
  • Calculate the various fees and charges correctly
  • Determine the correct weight to be applied
  • Differentiate various aircraft types
  • Handle special cargo & ULD effectively
  • Appreciate the legality of the Conditions of Contract
  • Round off Currency Units
  • Complete the AWB
  • Accept shipment “Ready for Carriage”
  • Aware of new cargo initiatives
Course Contents
  • Industry Regulators/Groups
  • Air Cargo Agency
  • World Geography
  • Aircraft and ULD
  • Handling Facilities
  • Acceptance for Carriage
  • Transportation Charges
  • Services and Related Charges
  • The Air waybill
  • E-Cargo Examination